Hello and welcome to Counselling at The counselling Mind.

My name is Jo Ann and I am an experienced, qualified and professional psychotherapeutic Integrative counsellor and counselling supervisor. I am also a qualified Mindfulness practitioner.

DO YOU Have a negative view of yourself that affects your daily life?...Struggle with anxiety on a daily basis?

Feel low in mood and find it hard to feel positive about your life circumstances?....Struggle with decision making.

Feel that you are going round in circles...Or are feeling as if something is not quite right?

Then maybe it is time to Look, Explore and Start to develop easier and kinder ways to be who you truly are by using counselling as a way to help you.

Counselling may help you in many ways but it can also help you to re-define your patterns of thinking, those behaviour's that are troubling you, such as anxiety or depression and may be able to identify as to what is causing you to think and feel this way that is different from before.

It is normal to maybe be fearful or be apprehensive or even think to yourself that you don't really need counselling, as still today it is something to which is not properly known about. But maybe if I reassure you that I have now been Counselling for 14 years, so experience and professionalism is guaranteed, and I am also registered with the BACP and an Accredited member of the NCS. I do practice from my home therefore you will have a space that is confidential and welcoming and a space for you to be you!

BACP: British Association of counselling and psychotherapy
NCS:    National Counselling Society

My counselling practice is open to Individuals, Teenagers and couples. If you scroll below to the next page you will see a list of costing and my availiability. Thank you for visiting my website.

I offer counselling in private practice within the DA2, areas. To which distantly covers in my experience a vast number of local areas and beyond. As an integrative counsellor I use many theories that include Humanistic, person centred, CBT, Psychodynamic and Mindfulness ways of delivery to you the best counselling process that I can.

Integrative: Combining theories suitable to each individual or couple.
Humanistic: Emphasizes the importance of being yourself.
Person centred: A humanistic approach of therapy that is about your self autonomy. You know best.
CBT: Challenges your negative bias thought and behaviour processes.
Psychodynamic: Focuses is on self awareness and understanding of your past and present behaviour.
Mindfulness: Focus on your present moment. Calmly accepting your feelings and thoughts. Using breathing techniques.

For an initial enquiry, Please do give me call, email or text massage and we can have a brief talk about what would be bringing you to counselling and how we can go forward if that is what you wish to do.

The ways to contact me are: Direct call on 07792051887 or
Email: counsellingmind2@gmail.com or by leaving me a text message on the enclosed number on this website. or
by using any of the contact methods that are available here on this website. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Where there is counselling, there is HOPE.

Welcome Welcome