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My name is Jo Ann Burns and I have been counselling people just like you since 2005. I am a very experienced and professional psychotherapeutic counsellor.

Are you thinking or feeling as if you or your world has become distorted? Have you experienced low mood or constant thinking without being able to get those thoughts out of your head?

I can't do this!,
I am not good!,
I must be bad!,
I can’t!,
I must not do that!
I should!,
Stop! Stop!
Then this may be the time to perhaps seek some help from counselling.

Low mood, Lethargy, self doubt, low self esteem, low opinion of your self, may all lead to anxiety and depression, so being able to have a space that is confidential, empathic, non-judgemental and caring, may be the start of your journey to aid ending not being able to stop the constant thoughts and low mood.

If any of the above appears to be familiar to you, or you feel that other issues are interrupting your normal daily life, then do contact me for a brief telephone conversation, to see if we can find a way forward for you.

How to contact me is just below the this page, either by telephone or by email from via this page.

Empathic & caring
Integrative Counsellor
NCS Accredited
MBACP Registered