Supervision for counsellors

Supervision for counsellors
  • If you need support with your clients? Want to work with someone who is experienced not only in supervision but also as a counsellor and uses Integrative, Person Centred and psychodynamic  ways of working with you and your clients, then do get in touch with me as I am here to help you.

  • Why not book a supervision with me to see if I would be the right supervisor for you and your clients.
What is supervison?

It is a great way to clarify substinance of good practice and to maintain ethical guidelines and boundaries. It is also a space for you as a practising or training counsellor to reflect in depth on your working ways.

There are differing types of supervision, such as,

  • Formative: This is more educational and tends to be when a counsellor is younger in experience.
  • Normative: Discussion of work, accountability for work whilst maintaining confidentiality.
  • Restorative: Maintaining own self care, ability to de-brief so as to maintain own self care.

How I will work with you

I will be there to support, guide and educate you, so as you are able to access your full counselling potential.
It will always be your choice as to how you want your supervision sessions to be. Such as presentation and content. But as your supervisor one of my roles is to make sure that all ethical and professional boundaries are used within your therapeutic processes or your client work.

To summise: it will depend on where you are within your career as a counsellor to how you use and gain the know-how of supervison and counselling process.  But always remember, that I am not an expert, instead I am a counsellor just like you and I have a wealth of experience of supervision and counselling. My motto is that we all have our own individual and unique way of working with clients.

The Cost to you for supervision is £40.00

Thanks for dropping by!    : - )