I know from experience that finding the right supervisor can be quite daunting. Therefore I offer an initial first supervision session of one and half hours at a cost of £40.00.

My preferred approach to supervision is integrative, therefore enabling a variety of issues to be looked at and worked through using the conglomerate of differing knowledge.

I have always viewed the supervisory relationship as that of mutual collaboration and understanding of goals and tasks. This based within strong working bonds and mutual trust.

I aid a collaborative, interactive and supportive environment within your supervision process, that is safe, professional and enabling for any professional and personal disclosure. Your values and strengths are always acknowledged and the boundaries and space are always adhered to.

I encourage supervisee's to: conceptualise clinical material and apply appropriate interventions, identify and manage transference, develop analytical, creative and self-awareness skills, plus clarify roles, responsibilities and ethical issues.
I am an approved NCS supervisor.

What do I offer you

  1. Self reflection
  2. Encouragment
  3. Collaboration
  4. A non-judgemental space for exploration of your client work.
  5. Encouragement of recognising your achievements
My clients for supervision are:

  1. Counsellors who are currently working within private practice
  2. Trainee counsellors
  3. Experienced counsellors

The Cost to you after the initial first supervision session, is £50.00