Be real, be you, have fun!

I now provide supervision for counsellors that are experienced or are in training to become a counsellor.

I very much view the supervisee as an individual, yet within a framework of mutual respect and development. I will support you and help you to reflect on your working ways as an already practising counsellor or as a trainee.

One of the reasons that we seek supervision is because, when practising, the awareness is of the ethical framework of those professional bodies, such as the BACP and the UKCP, to which is important, but more importantly, supervision is a great way to self develop you the person, you the practioner and to become aware of our own self supervisor.

Having had the experience of supervision for the past 13 years, I wholeheartedly enjoy the experience and could not be without this vital process.

What do I offer you

  1. Counselling supervision for individual or for up to two people.
  2. A safe environment for you to discover those areas of counselling that may be troubling you and to seek out that what makes you tick as the working counsellor.
  3. Self reflection
  4. Encouragment
  5. Collaboration
  6. A non-judgemental space for exploration of your client work.
  7. Encouragement of recognising your achievements
My clients for supervision are:

  1. Counsellors in training
  2. Counsellors who are currently working within private practice
The cost to you is:

£45 .00 Individual supervision of 90 minutes