I specialise in!


Are you feeling nervous, scared or shaky. Are you constantly thinking about things and unable to stop that thinking. DO you get panic attacks and feel fearful of going out or driving somewhere. Perhaps during your everyday life, this has become a struggle? Do you find yourself tearful either all of the time or just some of the time. Are you experiencing OCD, panic, fear, constant thinking? If you have found yourself answering yes to anything above, then CBT therapy may be a way of helping you.


Are you a couple that have or are experiencing communication difficulties. Are you a teenager that maybe experiencing difficulties at school or at home, or maybe with friends, in particular if you are being bullied. Do you feel fed-up, stuck, angry, not sure of what to do, feeling low and unable to concentrate, then by using a counselling talking therapy, may help you to engage with you and find out just what and as to why you are experiencing the way that you think and feel.


Bereavement is a difficult process. I will support you within a caring environment and help you through the difficult process of grieving. There is no time limit to your loss and grieving process, as this is individual to each person. There is no pressure on you to perform and be a certain way within counselling, instead I am there so as you can be you.