First Appointment

First Appointment
 Being your counsellor!

Any new choice that we make can sometimes be difficult. Here at The counselling mind, I aim to make your experience as welcoming and comfortable as I can.

The ethos is that clients enter counselling for many and varied reasons. Each individual or couple has there own story/s to tell and that each story is unique to that person. The important thing is that WE agree together as to what may work for you, during your time whilst in counselling.

One of the aims of counselling is the relationship that will be based on connection, trust, empathy, and I will be non-judge-mental. This will hopefully aid you to feel comfortable, and safe to be able to discover your true feelings and any emotions.

What I will not do is give advice, or judge you in any way. Instead I hope that you will develop a much better understanding of yourself and others. What Counselling may do is  increase your self awareness to stop you repeating some of the unhelpful patterns and behaviours that can be strongly en-grained in your life, so that you can make positive choices for yourself.

What happens when we meet!

The first meeting that we have is a full 50 minutes, so a complete counselling session. This enables you to talk about what has brought you to counselling and go through any questions you may have. You will be encouraged to explore the problems you are facing and express your resulting emotions and thoughts. All counselling with you my client is unique to you.

Counselling will always be a very personal journey. I will support you and sometimes guide you through any difficult and painful emotions, therefore making sure that you are supported all the way through your counselling process.

How long will counselling last for!

This again is very individual. It depends on your issues that you may need or want to address and also on your progress. I do offer short term counselling of a few weeks or, longer term over the course of extended months.  You are contracted but it is your choice as to when you feel that your counselling ends. For CBT this is generally anything up to 6 to 11 weeks.

The counselling services that I offer is for:
  • Individual one to one counselling
  • Teenagers one to one counselling
  • Couples counselling
  • Retired Individuals/couples
  • Skype counselling
  • Telephone counselling
What might be your outcome from counselling!

Every person is individual and unique thereby, your experience of your counselling is dependent on your commitment to the counselling process. Example (attending regularly). Therefore any results that you may want, does also depend on what you would like the outcome to be.

On an ending note:
Counselling changes lives, but your willingness and commitment to yourself is the key.