How can counselling help me with Anxiety?

11 Jun

At some point in your lives, you find yourselves experiencing more thoughts than normal, or maybe you are feeling uneasy, panicked, or just not right, therefore your daily routines become much more difficult to engage with. I wonder if I was to ask you, Are you ok? I wonder just what your initial response would be? Did you do it? did you ask yourself that question and say to yourself, 'well I am ok??. Yes this is the default way of thinking before we admit to ourselves that something is not quite right.

Are you thinking... I can't do this?, I am not ok? I should be able to do this? Why can't I do this as I used to be able to? Then this is a time for you to seek out counselling, and maybe why you are now viewing and reading through my website.

How can counselling help me?

Counselling is a talking process, to which involves you in reflecting about you and your ways of thinking, being, and behaving. By having a space and the time to enable you to relax, be calm and more present in your daily life, might bring about a better way of being. For example, with me helping and supporting you to look at any negative thought processes, and matching to any behaviour's that you may be experiencing.  We do this by talking, but by writing, discovering, reflecting and acknowledging who we really are.