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My name is Jo Ann Burns and I have been counselling people just like you since 2005. I am a very experienced and professional psychotherapeutic counsellor.

Are you thinking or feeling as if you or your world has become distorted? Have you experienced low mood or constant thinking without being able to get those thoughts out of your head?

I can't do this!,
I am not good!,
I must be bad!,
I can’t!,
I must not do that!
I should!,
Stop! Stop!
Then this may be the time to perhaps seek some help from counselling.

Low mood, Lethargy, self doubt, low self esteem, low opinion of your self, may all lead to anxiety and depression, so being able to have a space that is confidential, empathic, non-judgemental and caring, may be the start of your journey to aid ending not being able to stop the constant thoughts and low mood.

If any of the above appears to be familiar to you, or you feel that other issues are interrupting your normal daily life, then do contact me for a brief telephone conversation, to see if we can find a way forward for you.

How to contact me is just below the this page, either by telephone or by email from via this page.

Empathic & caring
Integrative Counsellor
NCS Accredited
MBACP Registered


Costs/Opening Times

Counselling cost

Individual counselling. £50.00 Per counselling session........ ...Teenagers counselling £30.00 Per counselling session........ ....Couples counselling £60.00 Per counselling session .

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Opening Times

Mondays 10am to 9pm Tuesdays, 10am to 9pm, Wednesdays 10am - 9pm Thursdays, 11am to 5pm Fridays 11am to 4pm. Saturdays 11.30am to 3pm


I know from experience that finding the right supervisor can be quite daunting. Therefore I offer an initial first supervision session of one and half hours at a cost of £40.00.

My preferred approach to supervision is integrative, therefore enabling a variety of issues to be looked at and worked through using the conglomerate of differing knowledge.

I have always viewed the supervisory relationship as that of mutual collaboration and understanding of goals and tasks. This based within strong working bonds and mutual trust.

I aid a collaborative, interactive and supportive environment within your supervision process, that is safe, professional and enabling for any professional and personal disclosure. Your values and strengths are always acknowledged and the boundaries and space are always adhered to.

I encourage supervisee's to: conceptualise clinical material and apply appropriate interventions, identify and manage transference, develop analytical, creative and self-awareness skills, plus clarify roles, responsibilities and ethical issues.
I am an approved NCS supervisor.

What do I offer you

  1. Self reflection
  2. Encouragment
  3. Collaboration
  4. A non-judgemental space for exploration of your client work.
  5. Encouragement of recognising your achievements
My clients for supervision are:

  1. Counsellors who are currently working within private practice
  2. Trainee counsellors
  3. Experienced counsellors

The Cost to you after the initial first supervision session, is £50.00

Education & Experience

Education & Experience
Education & Experience

Core Qualifications
Level 7 Post graduate diploma in Integrative humanistic counselling (Pg. Dip.Int. Coun)
Certificate in counselling skills (Foundation level)
Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills (Dip.Cbt)
Diploma in counselling children & young people (Dip.
Cruse Bereavement Care Certificate in Major incident response,
Cruse Bereavement Care accredited certificate in bereavement awareness skills.
Certificate in bereavement care, (Cruse)
British psychological society Certificate in clinical supervision (BPS),
Open university foundation Certificate in Health & social care (HSC Open)

Additional qualifications
Diploma in child counselling (OA.Dip)
Diploma in counselling children and adolescents (,adl)
Certificate in Family dynamics

Professional Memberships/Accreditation/Affiliates
Accredited Psychotherapeutic counsellor (NCS)
Registered Member of The BACP (British Assoc of counselling & psychotherapy) (MBACP)
Member of the BABCP
Affiliate counsellor for CBT Health.

I have professional indemnity insurance.

I use both the NCS code of practice and the BACP good practice in action code of ethics. Therefore ensuring that you get the best possible counselling, within a framework that is ethical and supportive. I also use professional development of supervision on a once a month basis.

Past issues that have been engaged with in counselling

Anxiety with constant intrusive thinking, Anger, Attachment issues beginning from childhood, Bereavement, grief & loss, Depression with a low mood, Bullying either at school or in the work place, Emotional abuse, from a partner or a parent, neglect from childhood, Family issues, such as communication disorganisation & interpersonal relationships, Low self esteem, Low self worth/value/confidence, Childhood negelct & emotional abuse, Panic attacks, with dizzyness, constant thinking, sweating, and fear, Relationship issues with miscommunications, not hearing the other person, meaning and content, Post natal depression with fear of harming self or child, Seperation and divorce, with loss & aloneness, Loss of job, pet, financial status, Stress associated with sleeplessness, anger, restlessness, lack of self appreciation.


Data Protection

Data Protection
Since last year when the data protection law changed, I became a member of the ICO, (information commissioner's office). Below is some details of what information that I collect and what I intend to do with it.

Information that I keep and why I need to collect it.

The basics of the information that I keep from you, to which is done at the first counselling session:
  1. name
  2. address
  3. phone number
  4. Doctors name and address 
  5. email address  
From these details I am able to get in contact with you, should the need arise.

Length of time that I keep your details

Data protection policy is that I keep your contact details of phone number etc on the privacy form for as long as you are
in counselling with me. After that I will delete your number and your privacy statement that you sign.

You do have a right to view any details that I take from you.