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Here at The Counselling Mind I do understand that choosing the right counsellor to work with may seem quite daunting, especially when you may be overwhelmed already by your situation. The information that I provide here may hopefully help you make that decision to take the next step forward.

Having qualified and been working in Integrative counselling for the past 13 years, I understand that for most, the umbrella term of counselling is a mindfield. I have realised that for most the need is for someone to understand what you are going through, and to help and support you to identify with your feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

I aim to be with you and support you by listening, understanding and reflecting back to you, how you are. I may challenge you on occasions but not until you are ready to be challenge with how you are thinking etc. An example would be CBT, Cognitive behavioural therapy that looks into and challenges your thoughts, feelings and behavioural ways.

For some a talking therapy can be freeing and for some some this can be the first time that they experience the freeness of just being theirselves. I will give you time to talk, think, and challenge yourself.

Below is the other bits about qualifications, I guess they have to go somewhere, to let you know that I am qualified and experienced in being able to support you.

Diploma in Integrative counselling (Post Graduate, BACP Accredited)
Certificate in counselling skills       ( BACP Accredited)
Certificate in Supervision                 (BPS Approved)

Additional qualifications
Diploma in child counselling
Diploma in CBT
Certificate in Bereavement care        (Cruse accredited)
Diploma in counselling children and adolescents
Certificate in Health & social care      (Open university)
Certificate in Family dynamics

So don't be alone with how you are thinking and feeling. I offer to you, the space and time to feel safe and supported.

 If you scroll down the pages you will find my contact details. Or if you click on the telephone icon, that will go straight to my contact number. Or email me on:

There is a gift in being human! The gift is YOU!  

Jo ann
Integrative Counsellor
MBACP Registered


 Being your counsellor!

Any new choice that we make can sometimes be difficult. Here at The counselling mind, I aim to make your experience as welcoming and comfortable as I can.

The ethos is that clients enter counselling for many and varied reasons. Each individual or couple has there own story/s to tell and that each story is unique to that person. The important thing is that WE agree together as to what may work for you, during your time whilst in counselling.

One of the aims of counselling is the relationship that will be based on connection, trust, empathy, and I will be non-judge-mental.  This will hopefully aid you to feel comfortable, and safe to be able to discover your true feelings and any emotions within a neutral environment.

What I will not do is give advice, or judge you in any way. Instead I hope that you will develop a much better understanding of yourself and others. What Counselling may do is  increase your self awareness to stop you repeating some of the unhelpful patterns and behaviours that can be strongly engrained in your life, so that you can make positive choices for yourself.

What happens when we meet!

The first meeting that we have is a full 50 minutes, so a complete counselling session. This enables you to talk about what has brought you to counselling and go through any questions you may have. You will be encouraged to explore the problems you are facing and express your resulting emotions and thoughts. All counselling with you my client is unique to you.

Counselling will always be a very personal journey. I will support you and sometimes guide you through any difficult and painful emotions, therefore making sure that you are supported all the way through your counselling process.

How long will counselling last for!

This again is very individual. It depends on your issues that you may need or want to address and also on your progress. Generally I offer short term counselling of a few weeks or, longer term over the course of extended months.

The counselling that I offer is for:
  • Individual
  • Teenagers
  • Couples
  • Retired Individuals/couples
What might be my outcome from counselling!

Every person is individual and unique thereby, your experience of your counselling is dependent on your commitment to the counselling process. Example (attending regularly).  Therefore any results that you may want, does also depend on what you would like the outcome to be.

On an ending note:
Counselling changes lives, but your willingness and commitment to yourself is the key.


Be real, be you, have fun!

After making the decision to become a counselling supervisor, I now provide supervision for counsellors that are experienced or are in training to become a counsellor.

I very much view the supervisee as an individual, yet within a framework of mutual respect and development. I will support you and help you to reflect on your working ways as an already practising counsellor or as a trainee.

One of the reasons that we seek supervision is because, when practising, the awareness is of the ethical framework of those professional bodies, such as the BACP and the UKCP. To which includes safeness for not only our clients but ourselves.

Having had the experience of supervision for the past 12 years, I wholeheartedly enjoy the experience and could not be without this vital process.  

What do I offer you

  1. Counselling supervision for individual or for up to two people.
  2. A safe environment for you to discover those areas of counselling that may be troubling you and to seek out that what makes you tick as the working counsellor.
  3. Self reflection
  4. Encouragment
  5. A non-judgemental space for exploration of your client work.
  6. Encouragement of recognising your achievements
My clients for supervision are:

  1. Counsellors in training
  2. Counsellors who are currently working within private practice
The cost to you is:

£40.00 Individual supervision of 90 minutes
£40.00pp for up to two people.of 90 minutes

Counselling Fees In Bexley park/Dartford

Counselling Fees In Bexley park/Dartford
Counselling Fees:  In Bexley park/Dartford

Individual  -  £40.00 Per counselling of 60 minutes

Teenagers -  £30.00 Per counselling of up to 60 minutes

Couples     -  £55.00 per counselling of 1 hour

Counselling trainees - £35.00 per counselling of up to 60 mins


  • Anvil Terrace, Dartford
  • My practice is on the border of Bexley and Dartford.. There is plenty of parking.

I specialise in!


Are you feeling nervous, scared or shaky. Are you constantly thinking about things and unable to stop that thinking. DO you get panic attacks and feel fearful of going out or driving somewhere. Perhaps during your everyday life, this has become a struggle? Do you find yourself tearful either all of the time or just some of the time. Are you experiencing OCD, panic, fear, constant thinking? If you have found yourself answering yes to anything above, then CBT therapy may be a way of helping you.


Are you a couple that have or are experiencing communication difficulties. Are you a teenager that maybe experiencing difficulties at school or at home, or maybe with friends, in particular if you are being bullied. Do you feel fed-up, stuck, angry, not sure of what to do, feeling low and unable to concentrate, then by using a counselling talking therapy, may help you to engage with you and find out just what and as to why you are experiencing the way that you think and feel.


Loosing someone that is close to you either by sudden or prolonged illness, road accidents, or in anyway can be a very difficult process to experience. You may feel isolated or lost or alone, but maybe by getting some help via a counselling platform of a talking therapy, may help with your grieving process. To know that you are not alone and are supported within a trusting, non-judgemental, environment such as talking therapy may aid your grief and how you deal with that grief and loss. There is no time limit to your loss and grieving process, as this is individual to each person. There is no pressure on you to perform and be a certain way within counselling, instead I am there so as you can be you. I will support you and give you time to express feelings, to be quiet if you need to, help your thinking processess. But I will not be hurrying you along for a result, instead we go at YOUR pace.

Older generation, Lonliness

Are you an older person that is on their own and feeling low, sad, lonely, depressed? Maybe you are just not feeling right? Then perhaps counselling may be an avenue for you to explore. If you have not got someone to talk to, then being able to tell your story may be of help. You will not be judged, instead I will listen to your story and guide you in the best way that I can. The cost to you is £20.00 per 50 minutes of counselling.

How to deal with Anxiety

How to deal with Anxiety How to deal with Anxiety How to deal with Anxiety
Try these when you're feeling anxious or stressed:

  1. Take a time-out. ...
  2. Eat well-balanced meals. ...
  3. Limit alcohol and caffeine, which can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks.
  4. Get enough sleep. ...
  5. Exercise daily to help you feel good and maintain your health. ...
  6. Take deep breaths. ...
  7. Count to 10 slowly. ...
  8. Do your best.